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this is so frustrating that I can't stay awake in the morning when everyone is up, if only I could fall asleep at night. but it's like a curse. I can't hang out with my boyfriend or anyone when I'm sleeping all day. this sucks.

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Posted on 02:51PM on Nov 30th, 2012
Funny, I was talking to a friend about an exercise for insomnia that´s worked for me right this minute!
Posted on 03:03PM on Nov 30th, 2012
what exercise is it?
Posted on 01:45PM on Dec 13th, 2012
Oh Cher I´m so sorry, EP never notified me of your reply!
It´s an exercise in imagination. You have to relax, close your eyes and imagine you are floating on a boat on a lake, on a sweet spring day; imagine the sun on your face and the breeze as the boat is gently rocked to and fro; the colorful little fish swimming around you... Think that you are totally protected, nothing can disturb or harm you, nature is your friend and wants you to spend lovely moments... just rocking you and letting you enjoy the sweetness of spring :)
Posted on 08:48PM on Dec 13th, 2012
okay I can try that. thanks :)
Posted on 05:49PM on Dec 15th, 2012
You are welcome! Hope it works for you :)
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